Thursday, June 23, 2011

Welcome BTGs!

Alongside Artology’s Co-Directors Alysia Williams and Rachel Schaffran, and the two lead Art and Science teachers Vivian Rowe and Larry Stier, the BTG’s have began to work on their material for camp.  The BTGs will be leading career presentations to start off everyday of camp.  Once a week the Artologists will get a presentation from a BTG or Artology Intern about a certain career pertaining to the fields of Art and Science or somewhere in between where the two connect.  This year, the presentations will include goals in which the Artologist can aim to accomplish within the perimeters of camp that very day.  For example, the presentation on Museum Curator, a somewhat abstract career to a group of middle schoolers.  However, the presentation will empower Artologists to observe ‘artifacts’ found that day at the field study and to not only respect these findings but explore how they can preserve them, empowering them to take reasonable steps to becoming the person they hope to be one day.