In 2013, the seventh year of Artology, our theme was ecology. We focused on the growth of program content in order to make Artology a more comprehensive learning experience for our students. Artology continued its partnership with the Violette de Mazia Foundation, who supplied our team of two Art Teachers. Returning to the former model, Artology ran two separate sessions of programming. This year we had the opportunity to bring back a number of students from Session I to participate in our second session, either as Student Leaders, or to attend additional arts classes! In total, 14 out of 26 students from the first session returned during Session II.
   Artology 2013 Served 32 students in 4th-8th grade. This community was 93.75% African American and 6.25% Hispanic. 81.25% of students qualified for federally funded meals based on income and 68.75% of students came from low-income families (families with an income less than 150% of the Federal Poverty Level) and 12.5% of students were coping with homelessness. 59% of participants were returning students from previous years.

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