Summer 2011 was Artology’s fifth year providing high quality, integrated learning in art and science to middle school youth in Philadelphia. The focus this year was “Earth” as a theme of exploration. We pursued an interdisciplinary study of local geology, landforms, and sustainable building and growing initiatives. We continued to expand our community partnerships, putting up two public art installations with neighboring organizations in addition to our culminating exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
   In 2011, Artology served students who were: 56% female, 44% male, and 81% African American. 82% of students came from families at or below Federal Poverty Level or from low-income households. 31% of students were coping with homelessness. We maintained our increased participation levels close to those of 2010 at 55 students. This summer, 35% of participants were returning students from previous years and 55% of students had perfect or near perfect (only missing one day) attendance.

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