Artology 2012 served 34 youths (20 students in 6th-8th Grade and 14 students in 4th-5th Grade) who were 50% female, 50% male, and 94% African American. 76% of students came from families at or below Federal Poverty Level or from low-income households. 29% of students were coping with homelessness.
   The program was based on the over-arching theme of “Fire and Ice (Hot and Cold)”. This theme provided many opportunities for learning in each our skill development areas (Artistic, Scientific, Spiritual/Character, and Academic). Artology 2012 was lead by an entirely new leadership team including its Program Coordinator, Education Director, and Lead Art and Science Teachers.
   In 2012, Artology formed a new partnership with the Violette De Mazia Foundation. The de Mazia Foundation’s mission is to promote, teach, study and advance the aesthetic philosophy theories and experiential educational methods of art appreciation developed by John Dewey, Albert C. Barnes and Violette de Mazia. For the first time, Artology ran sessions for 4th-5th Graders and 6th-8th Graders simultaneously! This allowed both age groups to receive five weeks of programming as opposed to the traditional three weeks.

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